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Feature: Serenity-js website


Alice navigates to ""

Alice ensures that the text of page element located by id ('cta-start-automating') does equal "Start automating 🚀"

Apisitt ensures all GitHub systems are operational

Wendy starts with a list containing 3 items

Wendy marks the following items as completed: [ 'Buy dog food', 'Feed the dog' ]

Wendy ensures that number of items left does equal 1

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Total Number of Test Cases 2 Fastest Test 1s
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Tests Started Jul 21, 2024 02:05:17 Average Execution Time 2s
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Automated Tests

feature Scenario Context Steps Started Total Duration Result
serenity-js website offers a web testing tutorial Chrome,linux 2 02:05:17 1s 416ms SUCCESS
serenity-js website offers examples to help you practice test automation Chrome,linux 4 02:05:19 3s 320ms SUCCESS

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